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Enjoy a two-day event in September, enjoy an illuminated boat show, live music, food and entertainment and much more. Head down to Sink River Park for breathtaking views of Long Island Sound while hiking along trails, playing in the playground or simply strolling along the boardwalk. Enjoy the waterfront against the backdrop of the New York City skyline and the beautiful waterfront.

Once you turn into Northport Harbor, the Northports Yacht Club is located on the harbor and has guest moorings. There is plenty to do ashore and the beach is just a short walk from the waterfront and a few blocks from Sink River Park, and there are plenty of activities for children and adults.

The John W. Engeman Theater is a great place for the whole family to see a quality show on Broadway at a price. It is not a theatre that is repulsive, but a full-service theatre with a large auditorium that plays a variety of musicals, dramas, comedies and even a bit of opera. In addition to a first-class show, they also get actors and actresses from Off-Broadway to Northport.

American dishes, from burgers to blintzes and pancakes, are served in a historic train carriage that arrived in Northport in 1924. When it's time for a short break, you can visit the outdoor terrace overlooking the Hudson River and the New York River, and on a hot summer day, everyone can go out with friends and family for the summer party.

The Northport Railroad Station, a system of boats used for towing and barging, consists of three stations: the North Port Railway, the Hudson River Railway and the New York River Rail Station.

To the north is Duck Island, a great place to drop fishing hooks and take a dip, but you should stay at least 300 yards from the bluff to avoid the shoals that stretch east to Winkle Point. The place is so protected because no boats have been damaged in any of the last three hurricanes on Long Island, including super storm Sandy. On the island of ducks, which has a very sheltered anchorage, there is the sugar cane tower - a striped tower of the North Port Station.

From cosy cafés to kitschy restaurants, the city has a lot to do and is the perfect attraction for gourmets. From a great Bloody Mary, it is a real pleasure to visit the Skipper's Pub, and you have a sheltered anchorage with plenty of water for fishing, fishing, kayaking, boating or even many activities throughout the year. No matter where you keep your boat during your visit to Northport, pack your appetite, as the village is full of restaurants, starting with Tim's Shipwreck Diner, which is featured in the 1997 movie.

The Northport Farmers' Market is operated by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection (NYSDAP) and includes a wide range of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, as well as local and international food and beverages.

This is a great place to stretch your legs and try some of the many local and international food and drinks on offer at Northport Farmers' Market. This is the part of Long Island where you can sit and relax in the comfort of your own home or even just a few blocks from your home.

North of the southernmost tip of Eaton's Neck lies Hobart Beach, a popular boating and swimming spot that was inhabited by a sand mining operation from 1925 to 1964. Also known as Sand City, residents and visitors can enjoy stunning sunsets and panoramic views of Connecticut from Hobarts Beach. This is perfect for those who seek a quieter, more isolated life dominated by sun, sand and water.

The village attracts boat visitors from all over the East Coast, attracted by its attractions and the beauty of the harbour. Northport is a great city for kids, it is not too busy and has a number of shops that appeal to children of all ages. It is best to have a park on the water where children can spend the afternoon, and there are many playgrounds for children from 5 years. Boaters who find themselves in North Port New York will find this relaxed Long Island Village with a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and a variety of outdoor activities.

Northport offers a variety of cultural and family events, highlighted by the annual North Port New York Festival of Arts and Crafts, as well as a number of events for children.

Whether you're looking to spend a day with your family in the pumpkin patch or an evening with friends, hunting with friends is always up to date. East Northport offers plenty of exciting autumn activities in October. While you will always find something exciting in the North Harbour, you will also have a completely different experience during the season. If you're looking for other great places to have fun on Long Island, check out our list of the best places to host family-friendly events and events in the North Harbor.

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