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When I heard that Northport is on Long Island, New York, I couldn't help but imagine a city as big as the eye can see and as beautiful as it is. Hobart Beach, also known as Sand City, offers residents and visitors breathtaking sunsets and panoramic views of Connecticut.

To the north is a great place to hook up, take a dip and stay at least 300 yards from the cliffs to avoid the shoals that stretch east to Winkle Point. It is also a great place to stretch your legs and try some of the many outdoor activities in Northport such as kayaking, paddling, kayaking, fishing or boating.

The village of Northport is easily accessible by taking the Throgs Neck Bridge, then the Northern State Parkway from Exit 42N and then the Cross Island Parkway southbound. The Long Island Rail Road stops at a train station about two miles from the village, and there is a deer pickup on Main Street. From Throg's Neck Bridge, turn onto the cross - island Parkway and head south on the Cross Islanders Parkway. At the northern end of the town is the entrance to the village at the intersection of the main and main roads.

Take the Long Island Rail Road northbound on Cross Islanders Parkway southbound until it passes through Huntington. Take the transfer to Huntington that will take you to Northport Station on Larkfield Road.

Make sure you get on the right train with the printed timetable, but never lock the door and do not take a train to Jamaica that goes east. If you have not yet spoken to the person at the subway stand, make sure to ask the LIRR for the operator. Use the station closest to you when the booth is not occupied, or use it when you are in a station when it is not occupied.

The other option is to use the MTA LIRR app and buy a ticket on your smartphone, which is also very easy, but please tell me how to use it when you sign in. Also be sure to tell the driver that you are only going to Woodside to get a taxi on the way and that the driver can get the receipt before you are picked up at LGA. If you are stuck in a traffic jam for an hour, instruct your driver to take Astoria Boulevard after getting off at Wood Side to Northern Boulevard. This way you avoid the BQE and it is convenient when you move home or when people are visiting or passing through.

If you're looking for other great places to do fun things on Long Island, check out New York State Parks and Long Beach State Park. Once you turn into Northport Harbor, the Northports Yacht Club is located in the harbor and has guest moorings. If you're lucky, you can head to North Port Village Dock and spend the day in the many restaurants just a short walk away. The beach is perfect for picnicking on the beach, fishing, kayaking or even for a day trip to the beach for a picnic.

Not far from the water, in the business district of the city, there are a number of restaurants, bars, shops and other shops in the North Harbour. The Skipper's Pub, which we sampled with a great Bloody Mary, is a real treat and includes a variety of great food and drinks as well as great views of Northport Harbor and the harbor. This location, located at the top of the hill just a short walk from Northports Yacht Club, offers beautiful views of the water and some of New York's most popular restaurants.

Easy to get in and out of, this is one of the easiest places to get to if you need to stay for the night. This is the part of Long Island where you can sit and relax and see the stars and hear what they think. The North Harbour has a number of great restaurants, bars and shops, as well as great views of the North Harbour and the harbour.

A short and easy walk down Bayview Ave provides great views of the North Harbor and Long Island Sound. Head to Sink Island Park for breathtaking views of Long Islanders Sound by hiking along the trails or simply strolling along the boardwalk. Playgrounds, a playground for children and a beach for adults, as well as a picnic area for families.

Northport Harbor is located at the southeastern end of Northport Bay and is reached through a dredged channel that leads to the shores of Long Island Sound, the largest body of water in New York State. In the east, forest and swampland, in the north, Long Islanders are soundproofed, and in the west, Northports Harbor is very protected. It consists of a large wooded area, marshes and a small area on the west side of the harbor.

More About Northport

More About Northport